Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)            

What is it?

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) despite its name does not use actual electrical pulses. It is similar to lithotripsy to fragment bladder stoned in humans. Using high intensity sound waves it initiates tissue repair by stimulating new blood flow bone remodeling, reducing pain and inflammation. In humans it is being used for plantar fascitis(heel pain), tennis elbow and other tendon pain.    

ESWT has been proven effective in the treatment of:

Heel pain (ie. Navicular Disease)

Bone trauma (i.e. splints)

Arthritis (i.e ringbone or hock arthritis)

Ligament/tendon problems (i.e. tendonitis, fibrosis)

Acupuncture and trigger points

Stress fractures 


Typically the area is clipped, a gel is applied and the shock waves are applied. This non-invasive technique takes about 30 minutes with the horse under sedation.

Possible Side Effects: Hematomas, swelling and possible redness  


Pregnant animals

Acute inflammatory or infectious processes

Growing animals

My not be used on the head or over lungs 

Commonly asked Questions 

Is sedation necessary? Yes, It is not painful but does feel like a shock and can startle the horse. 

How soon can I begin riding? We recommend 2 days rest due to anesthetic response but really it depends on the issue that we are treating. 

How many treatments does my horse need? You will need 3-5 sessions depending on the issue that we are treating.  

Will I see an improvement right away? No, Any tissue is going to require some good old- fashioned “time” to heal, but it will shorten the healing time considerably. Some horses may appear worse before any improvement due to temporary increased inflammation and discomfort as bone starts remodeling.